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RainProp - Concessionaire Company
RainProp - Concessionaire Company

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The dti campus is located within the new Mandela Development Corridor, a private sector urban renewal initiative that enjoys full support from the City of Tshwane. It is here, at its new site in the Trevenna precinct, that the dti is currently redeveloping all of its facilities and consolidating its services provided at other locations throughout Tshwane.

In order to achieve this aim, the dti has entered into a 25 year concession with Rainprop (Pty) Ltd for the acquisition of a sustainable experience delivery programme. This includes the design, fast-track construction, life cycle management and financing of a campus complex of seven low rise buildings interconnected by a weather protected internal "street". A creative mix of asset management, operations support, organisation and complementary support services is also offered by the Experience Delivery Company.

The Design Challenge:

The design challenge posed to Rainprop was to establish a truly Southern African architectural language that can speak to the very core of the dti’s business, which is trade and industry. The symbols used, therefore, had to walk a fine line between the parochial and the global, and arrive at a set of symbols, which will be recognizably African and yet find application at an international level.

These will include the richness and variety of local entrepreneurship, the skills provided by our labour force, the depth and variety of local research, including science, technology and the indigenous knowledge base, and the wealth of primary resources available locally.

The Construction Company:

The project consisted of a design and fast track construction phase where the first two buildings had to be delivered by April 2004 with the remaining five buildings to be completed by July 2004. Rainprop's commitment to the project resulted in an early-works phase, which commenced in February 2003, five months prior to the financial closure in August 2003.

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality has made land available to the dti and Rainprop for the duration of the concession as a long-term lease, which is included as part of the PPP concession agreement.

RainProp - Concessionaire Company

RainProp - DTI Campus Introduction