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RainProp - Concessionaire Company


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RainProp - Concessionaire Company
RainProp - Concessionaire Company

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RainProp - Shareholders

The majority shareholding, 55% in Rainprop consists of Historical Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI). The Historically Disadvantaged Enterprises (HDE's) are Rainbow Construction (Pty) Ltd, Prop 5 Corporation (Pty) Ltd, Zwelinzima Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Women's Development Bank Holdings (Pty) Ltd, and The Association for People with Disabilities. The other shareholders are Rebserve Facilities Management (Pty) Ltd, Transnet Property, WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd, Atterbury Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Parkdev SA (Pty) Ltd.

A dedicated vehicle, the Experience Delivery Company was established to provide the facilities management services over a 23-and-a-half-year period. They are responsible for the operational and life cycle management, which includes replacement, maintenance and upgrading of assets during the concession period. Rebserve, Zwelinzima Holdings and Prop5 Corporation provide facilities management services through the Experience Delivery Company.

To have the new dti campus designed and constructed by April 2004, two experienced Tshwane based property developers, Atterbury and Parkdev teamed up with the national leaders in the construction industry, being WBHO and Rainbow Construction. Rainprop is also committed to seeing the upliftment of women, in particular black women, as well as persons with disabilities at the operational and ownership levels of the 25 year concession period. A well established and sound business, the Women's Development Bank Investment Holdings Group, owns 7,5% of the company. It had also been recognized that a well-established disabilities association with a proven track record such as the Tshwane based Association for People with Disabilities be given the opportunity to take 2,5% ownership of the company.

RainProp - Concessionaire Company

RainProp - BEE / Partners